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40+ Best Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover

Birthday wishes and messages for a lover – Birthday Wishes for lovers is a desire that you must follow if you try to win all the other notifications that will be received by someone special on their birthdays. Do you hope to hope your lover is midnight or the next day with a gift in your hand, a birthday wish is a must.

If you intend to pray for them in the middle of the night then you will definitely go with this desire to slide first at their DMS. If you intend to surprise them with a gift even then don’t forget to write your choice of wishes on the birthday gift to work extra small. In any way, this desire will serve you and your relationship well.

Birthday for a lover

1. Today, a beautiful soul was born. Today is the day I can respect you a little more and damage a little more; The happiest birthday!

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Lover

2. I wait today to come to give you all my attention, to show my love, and ruin you with everything I have; In everything that is possible. Happy birthday.

3. very fun to see you growing every year. It’s fun to love you more every day. Happy birthday darling.

4. I hope your heart will not run out of space because today will be bombarded with extra love and attention; Because today is the day that began to be beaten. Happy birthday.

5. With every candle that you destroy, ask for something impossible, hoping for your wildest dreams; And may God give you all you ask for; Happy birthday darling.

6. Happy birthday. Your birthday is the day I celebrate the most, because it is my love day, without it my life will never be the perfect, born.

7. Let’s get off, press the dance floor, and get lost in the world where the language of love is only spoken to celebrate your day. The happiest birthday.

8. Of all the miracles created by God, you are my favorite. Without you, I haven’t seen and feel the beauty of love. The happiest birthday, dear.

9. May God make me the main character of the next chapter in your life that does not bring anything other than the most happiest time; Happy birthday darling.

10. Happy birthday, dear. I’m ready to surprise you all day, love you so much, and make this world a miracle; Get ready for a wild day.

Happy birthday to lover

11. Because you are the fulfillment of my wishes, I will feel happy to fulfill your every desire today and every day. Happy birthday, love.

12. I like you right now, but I promise I will like every version you choose to be this year, Happy Birthday Honey.

13. Because you never fail to bring the best energy to the table, I hope, life may never forget to serve you with anything other than the best. Happy birthday.

14. I hope you are filled with love, joy, health, wealth, and sweet surprise because my love deserves everything that is good. The happiest birthday, candy.

15. Cheers to My Babe because it makes it one more year with undeniable strength and unmatched grace, you really make me more proud every year; The happiest birthday.

16. Here you will again enter the realm of new life. Hold my hand tightly, keep me close and I promise everything will be very beautiful. Happy birthday.

17. Are you ready to go up and bumpy with me? Are you ready to make more fun memories with me? Do you? I know, me! The happiest birthday.

18. Today is a beautiful day to be grateful, wear the spirit of thank you today because I want to see you the happiest for the coming year; The happiest birthday dear.

19. When this year happens in your life, I will be very happy to see you blooming to the person you want; May God give all your desires. Happy birthday.

20. I want you to know that whatever comes, I am always on your side to protect you, to make you laugh, and love you forever. Happy birthday.

Birthday of hope for your boyfriend’s lover

21. For the sun and rainbow in my life, I hope that a year will be filled with laughter and mere joy. Happy birthday darling.

Birthday of hope for your boyfriend’s lover

22. Except for tears of joy, no tears are allowed in your eyes; And if they come out, I will delete it and make a smile back to your face; I promise. Happy birthday.

23. Your laughter is music in my heart, hopefully your year in front is filled with so much laughter so that my heart can dance in your heart “rhythm. Happy birthday.

24. With all the big hugs, I send you, love that will sing the symphony for you to cheer you up, if you listen carefully, you will hear it by saying happy birthday, love.

25. To the person who holds my heart key and the gate to my soul, I wish you a happy birthday; Hopefully your day will stay close to your heart.

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Birthday for a boyfriend’s lover

26. The happiest birthday for my love, the person who gives me therapy and the cost is only love as a reward that I have in abundance to give it (/he)!

27. You are a cupcake that I can have without icing for the sweet taste that you carry is extraordinary; The happiest birthday for my love.

28. Like the sun in winter, you warm my heart and make my soul. For my love, I hope the day and a year ahead full of sunlight, the happiest birthday.

29. Open your heart and let everything good come to you, I hope you become a magnet for blessings, honey; I hope you have a happy birthday.

30. To the most valuable person I have, I hope all the seeds of hard work you plant become something you have dreamed of; The happiest birthday.

Romantic birthday for a boy’s lover or girl

31. Today and for the future, I have noticed you and you have got my heart; I have got you and you get my attention. The happiest birthday for my love.

32. I hope you are the next 365 of the most amazing days to reach the stars and let me love you to the moon and come back. Happy birthday darling.

33. The happiest birthday for people without it I cannot see to continue life, be peaceful, and feel at home.

34. be it a place or a set of affairs, you will be the center of my attention forever and will always remain in the core of my heart. Happy birthday darling.

35. The happiest birthday for that person because my mind was published with many thoughts and my heart with love.

Birthday message for a lover

36. I hope the smile on your face never fades and the excitement of your heart never runs away because I can’t see you without them. Happy birthday darling.

37. This is my heart, wrapped in love for you to stay close to your heart to know that I am always with you, happy birthday, love.

38. I send you the best hope that is wrapped in all the love that I bring to hug you and wish you a happy birthday, honey!

39. I hope the success follows you and love never leaves your home because I want to see you have everything; The happiest birthday, dear.

40. I hope you get everything you want and everything you dream of! I hope you don’t feel lacking because you are perfect! Happy birthday darling.

41. Honey, I hope you have a day filled with laughter that hurt your stomach and cheeks; And a year that surprised you with all good things and people. Happy birthday.

42. Baby, I hope you are all the strength to survive this year, but remember, I’m always here to give you strength when you can’t have it yourself, happy birthday!

The words chosen must be fair to your emotions because those words will help you build a bridge to let your feelings travel to other people’s hearts. Birthdays are always a special event but more special when your lover has it, then to express your love completely. 

You can’t let today pass you. To help you express your love, make them feel special, and to justify your emotions to make you feel satisfied, go with the hope of the birthday mentioned above for your lover.